Citroen h van wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

Moderator: RichardW. Messages: 24 1 2 Next. Ive looked at the technical diagrams but cant make sense of the parts i need. Ive bought a new starter relay, i cant figure out where the two wires that come off it connect to?

Im prety sure im missing the flasher unit somewhere along the way but have no idea where this should be located. Also trying to figure out where some of the wires go behind the dash, most of them that are grey so giving no indication where they connect to So was wondering if anyone has any pictures of the wiring maybe when cataloging a restoration?

Having exhausted google searches im at a loss. Many thanks, Adam. As a qualified magician in the black art of electrickery, email me your wiring diagram and I'll have a gander. Is it a pukka works diagram, as they do contain all the information, but you need to be able to interpret them?

Do not worry about the manual being in Dutch as I can understand much, but do not ask me to converse in it. I got accused of being from South Africa, the last time I was in Holland and attempted to hold a conversation with the natives. Just send me the wiring diags and a list of the components you are trying to locate.

I'll try and have a look at the weekend, but SWMBO has got me on chocolate filling as its a busy time of the year for chocolatiers. Last edited by handyman on Thu Nov 08, pm, edited 1 time in total. Are you offering? Downside of this risky operation is that once recruited and samples are sent, the guinea pigs become addicted and have to start buying the chocolates to satiate their cravings, as timings between sample testing is quite long and labourious. One of the thin wires is the main live feed to the van and the other goes to earth via the ignition switch and starter button.

If you look carefully at the relay you should be able to work out which is which, or test with a bulb. On my van the 2 thin wires that attach to the Starter relay assembly run off in the direction of the Accelerator pedal. The Indicator relay seems to be located in the switch housing. I thought mine was not working but it needs the current to be drawn by both bulbs to operate so they all need to have very good connections and very, very good earths.

Everyone of the earths on all rear light assemblies, Indicator, stop and tail our van were poor. My suggestion would be to start with the light units first.

citroen h van wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

Note that the site has cheap replacement headlights but we have not checked if they fit the HY.This page tries to cover the issues when converting a Citroen H van from 6v to 12v.

If you fail to service the points every 3,km fuel consumption will increase and starting will become difficult. A 6volt system Starts and runs just as well as 12v if all parts are in good serviced condition. Converting to 12v in isolation will not make a big difference to the starting of a van if the above are not in good condition. New side light, Indicator and Headlight bulbs. The 6v headlight bulbs are a unique format.

No 12v bulbs will fit in the 6v Headlight Glass lens. To use 12v bulbs you need new lenses with modern bulb holders.

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Some of the later lenses do not sit tight in the old Headlight shells, we suffered an MOT failure as a result on one van, so check your new lenses are compatible with the old Headlight shell. New 12v generator of some form.

The Early vans had a 6v Dynamo which had poor output, struggled to charge the battery when the Headlights were on. Around the van moved over to 12v with a 12v Dynamo.

The 12v Dynamo was soon replaced by a 12v Alternator, although it's output is not high. If you want to retain the look of the orginal 6v then fit a later 12v Dynamo. But we think the most usable option is a modern 70a high output Alternator. Note that the 12v Alternators from later vans have a 10mm Pulley which needs to be replaced with a wide belt version if used on pre vans. New Ignition Coil not strictly essential, see later note However, a Coil has a finite life and a 6v one is likely to be well beyond it's one.

New flasher relay.

Peluru 9mm

The 6v vans tend to have a wiring loom with cotton wrapped insulation which at 60 years is often past its best. Franzose can supply a new wiring Loom. We suggest if you go from 6v to 12v and want reliable Electrics you consider one.

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The Indicator bulb relay relies upon a big current draw to heat up the bimetal element inside the flasher to light the Indicator Bulbs. Remember that LEDS are Polarity sensitive, so the van wiring Earth must be to the 'case' of the bulb and the positive to the bottom Centre contact on the bulb. Many LED bulbs sold as Headlight bulbs have not been suitable for UK roads, however we have now found Philips LED very high Brightness and low current just 40watts per bulb amps which are suitable H4 replacements, but an adapter will be required.

The 6v Starter should be replaced with the smaller lighter 12v item. If you reuse the old 6v Starter Motor then the engine should be set up to fire up as quickly as possible after you turn the key. The usual cause of a lengthy start assuming all the mechanicals are good and serviced correctly is because the petrol has drained back to the fuel tank so the pump spends a long time drawing fuel all the way from the tank to the carburettor.

The mechanical pump is effectively a non return valve, but over time the valving works less efficiently.

The ignitional coil can be swapped for a 12v version or you can retain the 6v coil and run it with a Ballast Resistor BR.

citroen h van wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

The BR is used to drop the voltage at the Coil from 12v to about v. Except when cranking the engine when 12v is applied to compensate for the voltage drop caused by the Starter Motor operating.Citroen Xsara Citroen ZX Citroen BX Citroen XM Citroen Service Repair Manual. Citroen Ax Repair Manual.

Wiring Diagram & Tutorial for Camper Van: Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster, etc. (PDF)

Citroen Berlingo First User Manual. Citroen Berlingo since User Guide. Citroen Berlingo Owners Workshop Manual. Citroen Evasion repair manual. Citroen Jumper Owners manual. Citroen Jumpy Atlante Owners manual. Citroen Jumpy Multispace Owners manual. Citroen Nemo Owners Manual. Citroen Saxo Repair Manual. Citroen DS4 Owners Manual. Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 Owners manual. Citroen DS5 Owners manual. Citroen Diesel Engine Citroen diesel engine Citroen Jumpy Electric Wires. Wiring Diagram For Citroen 2cv.

Citroen Xantia Electrical Wiring Diagram.Wiring Diagram Bundle:. Wire gauge AWG is automatically calculated from selected components and custom wire lengths. No need to use an external calculator! Customize 12V loads to your needs image, name, fuse, wire length and automatically calculate the wire gauge AWG. Automatically calculate the total wires length and the quantity of terminals to purchase.

The wiring diagram is part of our design workflow; it doesn't get any easier than this! Video Preview:. Detailed breakdown on how to use our interactive wiring diagram and how to assemble all items together to build a functional electrical system. More information about: grounding your system, breaker polarity, components terminal size, limitations, etc. Is this wiring diagram suitable for me? This means simplicity, autonomy and efficiency are a priority.

What are the limitations? Solar: 0W up to W. Alternator: 0A, 30A, 60A or A. Shore: 0A, 30A, 50A or 80A. Inverter: 0W, W, W, W. Do NOT install inverter over W per this diagram, as components are not rated for such high current bus bars, switch, main fuse, etc. Because our design is intended for off-the-grid usage, there is no transfer switch a transfer switch allows to bypass the inverter and power high-current devices directly from shore power.

I cannot use the PDF, why? Hang on!

citroen h van wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

You might want The Builder's Package. Includes all our diagrams and tutorials! This package includes:. Add "Free Stickers". Add to Cart. What's in it for you:. Our wiring diagram is designed with flexibility in mind. Any sub-system can be deleted monitor, inverter, solar, alternator, shore or added later.

Keep a copy at all time in your van so you, or someone else, can refer to it if anything happen. Build your system with confidence.Ideas on How to Wire your Camper van Conversion.

Whether you have a Volkswagen T1, a Citroen H van or a Sprinter, wiring your Camper van will be more cost effective if you plan it well. We know what is on the market better than anyone.

Many people wire their Campervan piecemeal, they start with a Habitation area battery then add a split charge relay.

Citroën 2 CV Service and Repair Manuals

Then a mains charger, then Lights, Gas heater blower controller, water pump, power monitoring, Solar charging of the Habitation battery, etc.

One thing often not built in is the ability for a 'one touch' isolation of every device from draining power when the van isn't being used. You don't need to go around turning everything off when you put the van away, just one touch shuts down all 12v. This is how the big companies do it, check out any quality, decent size motorhome and you won't find a separate 'Split charger' anywhere. There are of course other options, but sadly, we think some are not fit for purpose. One brand new Camper we saw had this Bonus PMS 3 unit on display inside the habitation area, it has to be on 'display' as the one piece unit contains all the controls.

We hide them under the stairs in our Houses? There is no ability to power off the Fridge separately, lights, Water level check, no decent battery voltage check, etc. Which looks more expensive and professional? When did any decent automotive manufacturer last use that type of fuse and ugly switch?

As a result, hard to find? We also think there is a safety issue putting both v and 12v in the same steel box. The best Motorhome builders keep them separate and use insulated v plastic housings, for obvious reasons. The two units above need to be 'on view' as they contain the switches that operate the devices, so imagine what all the v and 12v wiring will look like running into those two units? You would need to make special provision to hide the wiring behind panels, etc Ideally hide the entire ugly things in a cupboard.

Many Converters install them hidden away with subsequent difficult access to the cables at a later date.Generally speaking, the further south one travels in France, the more rust free the van that you can find. But they are never easy to locate! France is a vast country, and we generally find our vans in the most remote places. Each one has to then be transported back to the UK and examined in detail before being offered for sale. Despite our expertise and selection process however, you must remember that every H van is over 30 years old, and some are as mature as 60!

We always try to keep a varied stock, including varying lengths, heights and body styles. If we do not currently have what you are after, ask us to locate it for you. It has new brakes, tyres, engine, radiator, seats, stainless exhaust system All new, repainted inside and out in its original Citroen Gris Matinal and all ready to be put to work. This very rare length H van has some great original history with it including its original handbook.

This is a rare opportunity to buy a restored, long H van in superb order and ready to drive away now.

citroen h van wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

UK registered and MOT tested. Painted in original Citroen Gris Matinal with new seats, tyres, stainless exhaust, radiator etc. Fit out by Tudor Trailers completed in September This beautiful van is ready to start selling now! Just take a look at the pictures! What a rare beast. This very rare 6 metre H van has just finished an extensive body and mechanical restoration in our workshops.

How to read an electrical diagram Lesson #1

Fully rebuilt engine, fully rebuilt brakes, new tyres, new seats, new radiator, new stainless exhaust system, many new body panels and full interior and exterior respray in its original colour of Citroen Gris Matinal - fabulous and ready for any trade, promotion or perhaps to become a classic camper? Unbelievably fabulous and rare. The ultimate H van? So, the looks of the early H van with the split windscreen, but all the mechanics updated with late type fully rebuilt engine, rebuilt late gearbox, new clutch, new radiator, new water pump, electronic ignition, stainless exhaust, all new brakes, new seats and even power steering!

All bodywork rebuilt with many new panels and repainted in its original Citroen Gris Metallise. Even a period roof rack and ladder. Inside the interior has been newly fitted out by Tudor Trailers as a day van at huge expense - fully insulated and lined walls and roof, non slip flooring, table and seats easily sits 8 at the table cupboards, lighting, fridge and in addition, three more forward facing seats with seat belts. Demonstrated at Goodwood Revival in Totally fabulous, would make an amazing promotional vehicle or tender for classic motor racing team.

UK registered and MOT tested of course! We jumped at this van when offered to us - extra length and extra height over a standard van. Not necessary for every application, but great if you are over 6ft tall or intend to fit a lot of equipment inside.If you are doing a restoration, please send us your hints and tips to publish. Half that interval if you regularly drive in town or only drive short journeys.

Oil level should be below the part of the Dipstick where it tapers in where we have drawn a Blue line and above the lower part of the Dipstick where it tapers out again where we have drawn a Red line. This check must be done only on level ground and after the engine has been stopped for at least 5 minutes. Don't let it drop below the Lower level or Engine damage may result. Overfilling it can also lead to engine issues. These vans are from an era when servicing was a very regular thing as the Brakes are not self adjusting, nor is the Clutch.

The Oil life was short partly because there was no Oil filterthe points based Distributor started to deteriorate from the moment it was set-up and by 2, miles was causing misfiring, high fuel consumption and poor starting.

The Chassis had multiple Grease points which needed doing. On a H van, as on all Vintage vehicles, if you sit with your foot on the clutch while at the Traffic lights you will wear out the release Bearing in months.

The Carbon Face of the release Bearing wears whenever the Clutch pedal is depressed, suffering degradation all the time the Clutch pedal is to the floor. It is important that you only keep the clutch Pedal depressed to the floor for the minimum amount of time. Always take it out of Gear and let the pedal back up when you stop, even if only for a few seconds. A modern Clutch release bearing is a really tough beast like on our Ford Transplants and will tolerate the Clutch pedal being depressed for several minutes while you sit at Traffic lights.

Two release bearings middle the upper one can be seen to still have a few millimetres of Carbon Thrust Face left, whereas the lower one is almost down to the metal housing. See the old, early style Clutch Friction disc Bottom Right. As part of a service the Garage should check the amount of Carbon Thrust material left on the Release Bearing and report when it is likely to require renewal. However, most don't realise it wears down so don't know to check.

We suggest you ask for a report on this item as part of each service?

Informazioni sul sito – istituto comprensivo statale t. terzani

When the Release Bearing wears down, it wrecks the Clutch Cover leaving you without the ability to select gears. It is an Engine out job to replace it, hence the high cost.

Honda civic 2000 power steering fuse full version

The picture below shows a Release Bearing taken out of a H van with a failed Clutch it is slightly different to an original Citroen item, we think from a Tractor? You can see that the piece of Carbon found in the Gearbox Housing has not worn down much before breaking up, but the metal retainer has. Clearly poorly made and additionally not Citroen original. Look at the picture above and you will see the original Citroen item on the right sits flat on the desk but the Tractor version has as two rounded lumps near the retaining lugs.

Citroen PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

We think this is putting a greater force on one side of the Carbon thrust surface than the other causing them to spin and break up. For more Information on the earlier Engines petrol engines and later diesels, such as performance and Top Speed, see the lower part of the page.

Zenith 28 IN 2 R. The above data is taken from l'expert automobile printed Antifreeze should be a basic Glycol Blue product, do not use a long life OAT or HOAT usually Red type antifreeze as they can attack the metals that have been banned from use in modern production cars like the Lead Solder in the Radiator, etc.

The Glycol Blue type of antifreeze generally has a short life in terms of anti corrosion capability it may still have some frost protection although this will also be significantly reduced so should be changed every 2 years to prevent the cooling system from damage. Especially important in post engines with the Alloy Head. Brake fluid should be DOT4 and changed at least every 2 years. Changing the Brake Fluid very regularly is a pain but Brake fluid absorbs water which then rusts out the Brake Slave Cylinders.

Changing the Fluid every two years will ensure that once the Brakes are rebuilt, the Slaves Cylinders won't rust and seize. Front brake Slaves Cylinders are being sold in Holland for euros a set plus fitting costs, so the small cost of changing the Brake fluid every two years is money well spent.

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